Camo Dog Boots


  1. cute !!! i want to make these for my friends 2 dogs so there little kids can have fun putting them on there 2 golden retrievers, how can i get the pattern Amy??

    1. Hi Julie, I don't really have a pattern for them, I had made them quick for my dog who wouldn't stop licking her feet. There pretty easy to make. To start them I used a hat pattern. Started with a magic ring, and each round after add stitches to each row until it was the size of the bottom of the dogs foot. ( You want it slightly smaller they stretch). Then I did about 4 rows not adding any stitches. Them the next 3(?) rows I decreased stitches (just a couple) and on just one side to make the toe. And then did at least a dozen or more rows to make the top of the boot.(You can make them any height you choose.) I used a ribbon and threaded it around the whole boot that can be pulled tight and tied to keep the boots on. Let me know if you have any questions!